Think of the Children

With Jonah back from the harsh wilds of Alaska, Commentary’s Christine Rosen makes her long-awaited Remnant return. The duo explores the harmful effects of social media on young people, how pornography should be regulated, and what’s led to the rapid spread of transgender ideology. Why has trauma become a political tool? How can epigenetics explain political problems? And will this episode officially bring an end to Jonah’s friendship with John Podhoretz?

Show Notes:

Christine’s page at Commentary

The Commentary podcast

The Remnant (hosted by Jonah’s vocal doppelganger) with Josh Kraushaar

Christine: “Ban Kids From Social Media”

Christine: “The Mainstream Media Damaged our Children”

Jonah and Nick Schulz: “Gated or X-Rated?”

Christine: “How Trauma Became a Political Tool”

Jonah: “Who’s Oppressing Whom?”

The Remnant with Jonathan Rauch

The Fair Jessica: “Ms. Myths”

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