Turn and Face the Strange

In the last few years, the conservative movement has gone through a number of obvious changes. But Jonah believes he’s stayed consistent in his views, and uses today’s Ruminant to explain why. He also touches on the end of Biden’s eviction moratorium, the legacy of the “intellectual dark web,” and how hyperpolarization is rotting peoples’ brains. Tune in to hear Jonah’s final thoughts on the Afghanistan tragedy, but stick around to see if he can refrain from giggling at Sidney Powell’s potential disbarment.

Show Notes:

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The Dispatch Podcast on the Afghanistan evacuation

The Economist on Afghanistan’s consequences

Supreme Court ends Biden’s eviction moratorium

Robert Reich, Jonah’s BFF

“Right-wing extremists”

The sweet taste of vaccines

Just deserts

“Leave the rest to me”

Penetrating analysis from Bret Weinstein

Jonah on the “intellectual dark web”

Last week’s ranty-yet-sentimental Ruminant

“Our people hate the right people”

The Remnant with Charlie Cooke

The Wednesday G-File

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