Up From Nationalism

In preparation for Thanksgiving, Jonah invites the latest gold jacket-wearer Will Saletan back on The Remnant to consider what, if anything, is so uniquely great about America. Their conversation quickly develops into a discussion of nationalism, universal principles, and whether America is simply an idea, with a generous amount of rank punditry mixed in for good measure. Is the COVID-19 pandemic over? What does the Virginia result mean for both parties? And can Biden’s presidency recover after a disastrous few months?

Show Notes:

Will’s page at Slate

Will’s previous Remnant appearance

Paxlovid Americana

Will on critical race theory and the Virginia result

Jonah: “What Inflation and CRT Have in Common”

Rich Lowry: “Don’t Rewrite Mark Twain”

Paul Gosar gets censured

Jonah: “Mugged By Fallacy”

Seymour Martin Lipset on American exceptionalism

Jonah’s fondness for Thanksgiving

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