Useless Idiots

Having woken up to the Alexei Navalny news, Jonah spends this Ruminant thinking through what the Russian opposition leader’s death might portend. From tzars and (real) settler colonialism to useful idiots a-la Tucker Carlson, the good listener should expect a very Russian episode. Пожалуйста. A more patient listener will also hear Jonah revisiting his conversation with the Lewis brothers, due to somewhat popular demand.

Show Notes:

-The Lewis brothers on The Remnant

-Kevin Kosar on The Remnant

-Bernie Sanders on Soviet chandeliers

-Dan McLaughlin: “Tucker Carlson’s Lowest Moment

-Kevin D. Williamson: “The Full Duranty

-WSJ: “China’s Shipyards Are Ready for a Protracted War. America’s Aren’t”

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