Venting One’s Spleen

At a moment where punditry can feel relatively grim – mostly due to the feeling of instability resulting from this endless election – Jonah wanted to have on someone who was capable of a different variety of punditry. Who fits the bill better for a political commentary of “pluckish optimism” than National Review’s Jim Geraghty, who displayed his infinite humility by choosing not to wear his brand new “Remnant 10-Timer” Championship Belt on the Zoom call? Jim gives his analysis regarding many of the questions that will remain for conservatives after the election is decided: Whither goes the GOP? (A “multi-ethnic, working class, populist party?) What is the correct story to tell about Latino voters and Trump? (And why is the mainstream media adopting the most racist interpretation of this situation rather than the most accurate?) And, most importantly, is Mar-a-Lago Trump’s Elba, or his St. Helena?

Show Notes:

National ReviewJim’s page at

Josh Hawley’s retweet of Adrian Vermeule

“Two moon parties”

Dignity: Seeking Respect in Back Row AmericaChris Arnade’s

William Rusher, who often said that politicians will always disappoint you

Wednesday’s “news”letter

McConnell and Biden are, like, basically friends, guys

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