Very Stable Geniuses

John Podhoretz, the Remnant’s self-professed Paul Lynde, returns to the program to play a game of “Name that Crank.” Throughout history, many brilliant people have also been extremely bizarre. Murray Rothbard hated elevators, Arthur Conan Doyle believed in fairies, and Gandhi was obsessed with bowel movements. John and Jonah dedicate today’s episode to exploring the harmless and not-so-harmless quirks of such figures, before turning to rank punditry on American power, Biden’s floundering presidency, and the awfulness of the ‘70s. Tune in for shameless GLoP-plugging, but stick around to find out which Academy Award nominees are actually worth watching.

Show Notes:

GLoP, America’s favorite pop culture podcast

The Commentary Podcast: Live in Palm Beach


Shakespeare conspiracy theories

Jonah: “Karl Marx’s Jew-Hating Conspiracy”

Pure reason

Thomas Edison’s spirit phone

Chris Stirewalt on misplaced ‘90s nostalgia

Only Yesterday, by Frederick Lewis Allen

The return of Dispatch Live

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