Wizards of Finance

Brian Riedl, the Remnant’s “unofficial budget guy,” returns to discuss our economic woes. After kvetching about inflation, the deficit, and supply chains, he and Jonah dig into the mistaken idea that the president can control every needle of the economy. Brian has noticed an interesting trend: Since Reagan, we’ve consistently elected Republican presidents during booms and Democratic presidents during recessions. But what are the implications of that for the economy? Furthermore, did the New Deal make the Great Depression worse? Is Build Back Better dead? And should anyone take Rick Scott seriously?

Show Notes:

Brian’s webpage

Brian: “Presidents as Economic Managers”

Jonah: “The Raw Deal”

The forgotten depression of 1920

Scott Lincicome on fixing our supply chains

Velocity of Bahnsen

Rick Scott’s “Rescue America” plan

Last Friday’s G-File

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