Future of the GOP

The Defectors

How many Republicans will withhold their endorsements from Trump?

The GOP Survivor Problem

The second Republican presidential primary debate was even more chaotic than the first.

Après Mitch, Le Déluge

One cheer for gerontocracy.

An Economic Rift on the Right

Will conservatives embrace a populist economic agenda?

North Carolina Republicans Fret Over Their Gubernatorial Frontrunner

Few in the state GOP want to incite a costly primary battle against Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson.

Tim Scott Hopes for a Republican Reversal

The South Carolina senator hopes his presidential run will be the antidote to grievance politics.

Trump 2028?

It won’t happen. I think.

You Say You Want a Revolution

The Republican primary features two models of disruption.

Mind the Gap

The Republican primary may be decided by education.

Ron DeSantis, Federalist?

Plus: How the Florida governor’s would-be opponents in the GOP presidential race are attacking him thus far.

Michigan Republicans Fear a Split Ahead of 2024

Kristina Karamo, elected chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, is at odds with the party establishment.

Herrera Beutler Weighing Gov Run, Donors Say

Plus: 2024 hopefuls converge Friday on a Texas GOP donor retreat.

Haley Becomes the First to Challenge Trump

But she may not be the only popular South Carolinian to mount a presidential run.

Christie on DeSantis: ‘None of Us Really Know Who He Is’

Plus: What’s next for Florida Sen. Rick Scott.

DeSantis an Early Darling for Conservative Education Activists

The Florida governor is likely to tap into education group Moms for Liberty if he mounts a run for president, GOP operatives say.

Get In, Loser. We’re Going Losing.

Do populists want to win?