Future of the GOP

Christie on DeSantis: ‘None of Us Really Know Who He Is’

Plus: What’s next for Florida Sen. Rick Scott.

DeSantis an Early Darling for Conservative Education Activists

The Florida governor is likely to tap into education group Moms for Liberty if he mounts a run for president, GOP operatives say.

Get In, Loser. We’re Going Losing.

Do populists want to win?

Pence Looks to Iowa as 2024 Looms

The former VP’s political nonprofit is spending seven figures on a digital ad campaign in the key state.

Club for Growth Previews Its Senate Playbook

The group’s super PAC is planning to spend tens of millions of dollars supporting hardline Republicans.

Hats in the Ring for Michigan Senate

Plus: The Koch network gears up to take on Trump in 2024.

Can the GOP Win a Senate Seat in Virginia?

Undeterred by his failed bid for a House seat, Hung Cao considers jumping into an even tougher race.

The Democrats vs. New Hampshire

Plus: The GOP-happy 2024 Senate map.

The Only Way Out Is Through

On Trump and ‘actuarial arbitrage.’

Mike Pompeo’s Preemptive Strike on Donald Trump

The former secretary of state signals a willingness to pivot on China policy and acknowledges Trump administration failures on North Korea.

Trump Tries Slogging It Out

He’s lost his crucial advantage from 2016—the ability to surprise.

Nikki Haley’s Campaign-in-Waiting Starts Its Engines

Two existing Haley groups form the foundation of a possible 2024 bid.

‘If You Lose Control of the Rules Committee, You’ve Lost Control of the Floor’

What the new makeup of the House Rules Committee—and other key panels—could mean for must-pass bills.

Rule-Making Rebels

Rep. Thomas Massie, long a congressional contrarian, says he wants his role on the powerful Rules Committee to be constructive.

Waiting for Ronald

The new House GOP majority tries to fill an ideological vacuum.

When Words Fail

Last week exposed the poverty of our political vocabulary.