Future of the GOP

Inside the Club for Growth’s Push for Kevin McCarthy

A deal that helped revive his flailing speakership bid could reshape down-ballot races in 2024.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Speaker Votes

Kevin McCarthy gets the gavel, but at what cost?

McCarthy Gets the Gavel in Dramatic Fashion

After more than a dozen votes and days of negotiations, Kevin McCarthy becomes speaker of the House of Representatives.

Details on McCarthy’s Concessions Still To Come

Kevin McCarthy finally won over more than a dozen GOP detractors to claim the House speakership. But what did he give up to do so?

The Leeroy Jenkins Caucus

It only takes a few people to barge in and blow up everything.

Stirewaltisms: Four Lessons From the Ziggy Stardust Caucus

Practical takeaways from an impractical performance.

The House Could Become Even More of a Wild West This Year

In his speakership bid, Kevin McCarthy has promised conservatives open debate on spending bills.

Could Kevin McCarthy Give Away Too Much?

Concessions to the House Freedom Caucus runs the risk of alienating more moderate allies.

‘Is This a Game Show?’

Fun and prizes with the anti-McCarthy bloc.

The Speakership Stalemate Continues

Kevin McCarthy’s team made concessions to their Republican opponents Wednesday night, but will it be enough to earn him the speaker’s gavel?

Comedy and Tragedy

The mixed emotions of Kevin McCarthy’s humiliation.

What Democracy Looks Like

The messy vote for the speakership shows how the sausage gets made.

Kevin McCarthy in Leadership Limbo

After three rounds of votes, House Republicans ended Tuesday in a stalemate over who should be the next speaker.

A Weak Speaker Is a Good Step Toward a Stronger Congress

The chamber has operated on a top-down approach for too long.

The Biggest Questions Ahead of Today’s Speakership Election

Does Kevin McCarthy have a chance to appease his Freedom Caucus critics?