Israel-Hamas War

The Stupidity of Hamas Tankies

Discrediting two movements at once.

Crossing the Red Sea

Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis attack commercial vessels and Western interests.

Our Best Stuff on the War in Israel—And How It Might Affect the 2024 Election

Plus: ‘Sandwich shop monopolies’ and some thoughts on the Constitution.

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Qatar Sees Opportunity in Israel’s Hostage Crisis

The Gulf monarchy’s longtime links to Hamas make it a questionable, but perhaps vital, middleman.

Youth Gone Wild

The Democratic rift over Israel is deepening.

Assessing Claims That an IDF Helicopter Fired on and Killed Israelis on October 7

A news story relied on one unnamed source and the Israeli police have disputed it.

A Weekend on the Edge

Plus: A look at the presidential election in Argentina.

Our Best Stuff From a Week Filled With Gratitude

Israel’s war on Hamas, Sam Altman and artificial general intelligence, and more.

The Perils of a Culture of Critique

Moral relativism not only obfuscates right from wrong—it’s unable to respond to today’s radical ideologies.

The Importance of Rebuilding the ‘Arsenal of Democracy’

The U.S. can aid Ukraine and Israel at the same time—for now. But the long-term outlook is less certain.

Support for Israel Is Costing Biden. But for How Long?

One year from now, progressives might be more worried about Donald Trump than angry with the president.

On Morality and Restraint

‘Israel’s campaign isn’t a police action to arrest criminals—it is war.’

Our Best Stuff on Ukraine, the War in Gaza, and 2024

Plus: Joe Biden has a challenger and Nikki Haley is on the rise.

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The Long Memory of Living in the Holy Land

A 1,600-year-old church in Gaza illustrates the plight of people of faith in the entire region.

The Ka-Ching Theory of Truth

Whether something is true on social media matters less than whether it gets eyeballs.

Rep. George Santos Faces Expulsion

Plus: The Democratic schism over Israel.