Israel-Hamas War

On the Mother of All Questions

Freedom’s answer to zero-sum thinking.

Joe Biden Faces Backlash From Arab American Voters

Plus: The president is in danger of being left off the ballot in two states in November.

The Problem With Biden’s ‘Don’t’ Doctrine

The president’s emphasis on de-escalation ignores that geopolitical instability didn’t start on October 7.

Video Purporting to Show Iranian Attack on Israel Is Actually a Ukraine Strike on Crimea

Analysts have used geolocation to show that the video was taken in Sevastopol.

Iran Launches Direct Attack on Israel

Plus: Former President Donald Trump’s New York criminal trial begins.

Israelis Prepare for a New Front as Operations in Gaza Abate

Iran and its proxies may be eyeing another attack, according to U.S. and Israeli officials.

Will Donald Trump Make Big Gains Among Young Voters?

There’s reason for skepticism, but even a moderate improvement for Trump with that cohort could prove fatal to Joe Biden’s reelection.

Israeli Inquiry into Aid Worker Deaths Reveals ‘Internal Failures’

Strikes that killed seven World Central Kitchen staff spur U.S. and Israeli policy changes.

Nations Aren’t People

So why do we treat them as such?

No, President Biden Has Not Ignored the American Hostages in Gaza

The president has addressed the crisis repeatedly.

Leading From Behind

At the top, support for Israel falters.

Israel’s Ultra-Orthodox Military Draft Crisis, Explained

A high court decision puts a spotlight on fissures in Israeli society.

Strike In Syria Kills Top Iranian Commander

Could this alleged Israeli attack open a new chapter in Iran’s proxy wars?

What Mohammad Reza Zahedi’s Death Means for Iran

Replacing him will be a challenge, but not an insurmountable one.

Evan Gershkovich Marks One Year in Russian Prison

The Wall Street Journal reporter’s arrest shines a light on Americans detained around the world.

Mass Murderers and Bomb Makers: The Prisoners Hamas Wants Israel to Free

Hamas is demanding the release of high-profile terrorists as a condition of a hostage deal with Israel.