Sweden’s NATO Bid Is Approved

After blocking the move for more than a year, Hungary clears the way for Sweden’s accession.

For Front Line Ukrainian Troops, American Dithering is Devastating to Morale

‘I need to do my job in the best way I can. That’s it.’

Ukraine’s Moral Reality

Wanting to help the country fend off Russian aggression isn’t pie-eyed idealism.

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Countering the Coming Drone War

The U.S. faces a rapidly evolving drone threat. Can the Pentagon and industrial base keep up?

The Year of Perilous Endurance

Handicapping the next 12 months in Ukraine.

Our Best Stuff Marking the Second Anniversary of the War in Ukraine

Plus: The truth about Moscow grocery stores and Biden’s diminished mental capacity.

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‘Hope Without Hope’ on Ukraine’s Frontlines

Amid suspended American aid and an emboldened enemy, Ukrainians see two options: victory or death.

Unfrozen Caveman Tucker

Simple folk wisdom can be persuasive, even when pushed by an obvious phony.

The Last Redoubt

Why Trump’s foreign policy hasn’t conquered the GOP—yet.

Do Svidaniya, Alexei Navalny

Plus: A look at the ruling in the New York fraud case against former President Donald Trump.

NATO’s Funding, Explained

How much do NATO members contribute to the alliance?

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The Life and Death of Alexei Navalny

The late opposition leader laid the foundation for the ‘Wonderful Russia of the Future.’

Nukes in Space May Not Be Imminent, but We Need to Prepare

When international tensions spill over into space, it's not just satellites at risk.

There’s a Tucker Born Every Minute

On Alexei Navalny and coin-operated grocery carts.

Trump’s Latest NATO Threats

The former president has ramped up his rhetoric against the alliance on the campaign trail. Should he be taken literally?

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The Full Duranty

Vladimir Putin’s U.S. admirers are full of it.