Will a New Price Cap on Russian Oil Work?

Plus: The implications of Georgia’s Senate runoff on the 2024 presidential race.

What Will the Next Congress Prioritize on China?

An interview with Rep. Chris Smith, plus a look at a bill condemning genocide in Ukraine.

Stalin’s Georgia Comeback

The dictator’s image is improving thanks to Russian propaganda efforts and a lackluster Western response.

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Calling Putin’s Black Sea Bluff

Why did Russia’s president back down on his threat to resume blockading Ukrainian grain exports? A Dispatch Explainer.

Putin’s Dangerous Blend of Propaganda and Hypocrisy

If democracy is a corrupt ‘Western’ concept, why pretend what you’re doing is democratic?

A Global Hostage Crisis

How Washington tries to prevent international adversaries from using captive Americans as leverage: A Dispatch Explainer.

When Doves Cry

House progressives make a mess of diplomacy over Ukraine.

The Russia-Iran Axis

Deeper ties create risks for the West on battlefields far beyond Ukraine.

Off the Cuff Won’t Cut It, Mr. President

Joe Biden’s statements on Taiwan and Russia’s nuclear threat have consequences.

Why It’s So Hard to End the War in Ukraine

Both sides see more peril in negotiations than continuing the fight.

Russia’s Real Enemy Is China, Not the West

The Putin years have left it a vassal state of Beijing.

Pop Goes the Weasel?

Putin definitely, probably, maybe won’t use nukes. I think.

The Spiritual Lessons of a Christian Nationalist Military Defeat

Power corrupts, Christendom clashes with Christianity, and brutality isn’t strength.

Our Best Stuff From a Week of Big Russia News

Putin threatens nuclear weapons, tries to annex Ukrainian land, and Russian forces make a retreat.

The Most Dangerous Moment Since the Cuban Missile Crisis

Nothing in the past 60 years has brought us to the brink of nuclear catastrophe. Putin is doing his best.

Conscription Fears Spark a Russian Exodus

Thousands of men fleeing the country undermine Vladimir Putin’s mobilization efforts.