Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Stake Out a New World Order

Russia and China’s leaders claim to reject a ‘Cold War mentality’ while escalating their anti-Western rhetoric.

Vladimir Putin’s Meddling in the Balkans

Russia’s ‘hybrid occupation’ of Serbia threatens to derail its peace plan with Kosovo.

Whipping Boy

Is Ron DeSantis suffering for Donald Trump’s foreign policy sins?

Exotic Fish and Russian Missiles

A small aquarium brings a bit of normalcy to those living near the frontlines.

After the Battle for Bakhmut

On the ground as Russian forces close in on a nearby town—and some weary locals refuse to leave.

Moldova in the Middle

Russia brings war to Moldova’s border, agitators to its capital, and disinformation to its cyberspace.

How Corporate Greed Helped Save Europe

When war broke out, countries were able to wean themselves from Russian energy.

War Fever

On the rise of ‘the Ukraine war is fake’ conspiracy theorists.

Cocaine Bear

Russia’s war, one year later.

Warnings That We Shouldn’t ‘Provoke’ Putin Miss the Point

It’s in our national interest to give Ukraine what it needs to win.

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The Coming Fight Over Fighter Jets

After finally reaching a deal on tanks, NATO now begins a debate on whether to send F-16s to Ukraine.

The National Security Implications of Charles McGonigal’s Arrest

The case shows how the government is falling short in monitoring the actions of former agents and officers.

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Does Putin Have a ‘Shadow Army’?

Wagner Group mercenaries have suffered setbacks in Ukraine but still maintain a global footprint: A Dispatch Explainer.

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Breaking the Deadlock in Ukraine

As Moscow and Kyiv consider large-scale offensives, the West weighs sending new types of weaponry.

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The Price of Putin’s War

From activism to retrenchment in the Middle East.

Devil’s Bargain

How Russia jammed up Biden on Brittney Griner’s release.