‘America’s Recovery Potential Is Awesome’

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.(Photo by Al Drago/Getty Images.)

Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse is resigning from Congress to become the president of the University of Florida. Sasse, the junior senator from Nebraska, has been a vocal critic of Donald Trump’s influence on the Republican Party. He joined Steve Hayes to discuss the dangers of infotainment, the increasing tribalism of American politics, the future of academic freedom, and why he believes he can affect more change by leaving Congress.

Below is a transcript of the podcast, which has been edited for clarity. 

Steve Hayes: Welcome to The Dispatch Podcast. I’m Steve Hayes. Joining me today is Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse, who has decided to leave the Senate early to pursue a job as the president of the University of Florida. In our conversation, we conduct an exit interview of sorts, talking to Sen. Sasse about his decision to leave early, about the state of American politics, the Republican Party, and the future of higher education. Senator Sasse, thanks for joining us.

Sen. Ben Sasse: Thank you for taking time with me.

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