Does a Photograph Show That Joe Biden Met the CEO of Burisma?

Viral Facebook posts claim that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has denied meeting with his son Hunter and the CEO of Burisma, but that photographic evidence proves otherwise. The post includes a picture of Biden supposedly playing golf with Hunter and the Burisma CEO.

The picture first came to light last October, when Tucker Carlson aired it on his show. As Carlson noted, one of the men in the image was a Burisma board member alongside Hunter, but none of the men in the picture are Taras Burdeinyi, the CEO of Burisma. The picture shows Biden, his son Hunter, an investment banker named Ralph Pascucci, and Devon Archer, a business associate of Hunter’s who co-founded Rosemont Seneca Partners with him and sat on the board of Burisma along with Hunter.

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