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Does Joe Biden’s Family Have Connections to Dominion Voting Systems?
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Does Joe Biden’s Family Have Connections to Dominion Voting Systems?


There is yet another  rumor circulating about Dominion Voting Systems having ties to a powerful figure. This time the claim is that  member’s of Joe Biden’s family have ties to Dominion. There are several iterations of the claim circulating on social media. One Facebook post reads:

“Fact check this losers…..Bidens sister is married to Stephen Owens, who owns Dominion voting systems”

This is a false claim. Joe Biden and his family do not have a connection to Dominion Voting Systems.

The “evidence” for this false claim likely rests solely on a shared last name between Biden’s sister, Valerie Owens and Stephen Owens, managing director and co-founder of Staple Street Capital

While it’s true that Dominion Voting Systems was acquired by Staple Street in 2018 and the co-founder does in fact have the surname Owens, he is of no relation to the Biden family. 

Valerie Owens is married to John T. Owens, not Stephen Owens, and their three children are named: Valerie James Owens, Cuffe Biden Owens and Catherine Eugenia Owens.

A viral tweet insinuating that Stephen Owens is Biden’s nephew’s has also been circulating:

The tweet also mentions Kevin Owens, an attorney and the brother of Valerie’s husband, John Owens. There is no indication that he is connected to Stephen Owens or Dominion. 

The Dispatch Fact Checkpreviously debunked claims that then-Attorney General Bill Barr had connections to Dominion.

Khaya Himmelman is a fact checker for The Dispatch. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School and Barnard College.