Fact Check: Did a Ukrainian Girl Confront a Russian Soldier?

A viral video, shared widely on both Facebook and Twitter, claims to show a Ukrainian girl confronting “Putin’s army.”

The caption of the Facebook video, which has been viewed close to 60,000 times, reads: “A bravery little Ukrainian girl confronted an Russians army. Soo touching.”

The tweet, which has been viewed a million times, similarly reads: ‘“Go back to your country’: brave little girl confronts invading Putin’s Army.”


The video, however, does not show a young girl confronting a Russian soldier. 

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  • I suspect the one about the old woman giving the Russian soldier sunflower seeds so that flowers will grow on his grave is faked too (despite my desire for it to be true). The audio quality is just too good for that distance. Unless she is wearing a mic.

  • I almost cringe every time I see these type stories for fear they are faked. You want them to be true so bad, and the truth is so disappointing.

  • Yeah I can pick out enough words to say that's definitely Arabic. And Ukrainians might be badass, but I still don't think little girls would be out in February in a tank top.