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Fact Checking Claims That the Bidens Faked Celebrating Easter at the White House
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Fact Checking Claims That the Bidens Faked Celebrating Easter at the White House

Biden did not deliver an Easter address this year, and the White House Easter egg roll was documented live.

A popular right-wing Facebook account made a series of claims about the Bidens’ Easter celebrations at the White House and suggested the 2022 Easter egg roll was staged. 

Both the president and first lady gave remarks at the event, which were streamed live through a variety of official White House social media accounts. The event was well-documented by non-White House sources as well, with a number of news outlets providing video from the egg roll as well. One viral moment from the event definitively shows the event happened Monday: Biden was asked by a reporter about Pakistani airstrikes in Afghanistan that occurred over the weekend, and was ushered away by someone dressed as the Easter Bunny.

This was the first egg roll since 2019, as the event was suspended the past two years because of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a post from Sunday, the Facebook user, Kelly Brady, claims that a screenshot from a video allegedly put out by the White House that day has a fake presidential seal and implies that it means the Bidens weren’t at the White House on Easter. Biden did not deliver a speech on Easter Sunday, and the tweet Brady attributes as her source shows Biden’s 2021 Easter speech. Brady acknowledges in another post that the video is from 2021. The seal seen on the podium that Biden spoke from is authentic. All of the so-called differences can be chalked up to the low-quality image used and the fact that the picture being used for comparison is not the real presidential seal—the eagle in the presidential seal has a white tail. A seal identical to the one used by Biden can be seen in pictures of Donald Trump during his presidency as well.

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Alec Dent is a former culture editor and staff writer for The Dispatch.