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Is Donald Trump’s Christmas Card, Um, NSFW?
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Is Donald Trump’s Christmas Card, Um, NSFW?

Photoshop strikes again.

A viral image of what is purportedly former President Donald Trump’s Christmas card has been making the rounds on social media, as it shows Trump as … errrrr, well if real it would feature a major design flaw. (We normally embed tweets when relevant but these are what you call NSFW.)

It isn’t clear exactly who created the Christmas card. What is clear is that it wasn’t anybody from Trump’s organization. Trump has released a Christmas card—available to purchase on his PAC website—but that card features a picture of Trump with the words “Merry Christmas” and, notably, no suggestive imagery.

The fake Christmas card bears hallmarks of being a bad photoshop; the image of Trump is blurrier than the rest of the card, for example. The picture of Trump used in the card comes from Trump’s 2019 visit to Buckingham Palace, and you can see from the original picture that the cut of his jacket and vest were altered in the fake Christmas card to give the end of his vest a more rounded appearance.

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Alec Dent is a former culture editor and staff writer for The Dispatch.