No, Betty White Did Not Have a COVID Booster Right Before Her Death

Following the death of Betty White on December 31, 2021, viral posts circulated claiming that she had gotten her coronavirus booster shot only three days prior to her passing, with several implying the vaccine played a role in her death.

Many of the posts include a screenshot of a quote from White, saying: “Eat healthy and get your vaccines. I got my booster today.” The quote is allegedly from an article published on the website of CrowRiverMedia, which was based on an interview White did with People Magazine. Neither piece includes a reference to White getting her booster shot and there’s no record of her ever saying the quote in question. White’s agent, Jeff Witjas, said in a statement to People that White “died peacefully in her sleep at her home.” No further details about her passing have been released, other than police noting that her death appeared to be of natural causes with no evidence of foul play.

Witjas told The Dispatch Fact Check that the posts are “totally false,” and that White “did not have a booster 3 days prior to passing.”

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