The Chicken Sandwich Wars: Finale

In January, I brought you the first episode of the Chicken Sandwich Wars. It was exciting, contentious, and ended with as many questions as answers. Chick-fil-A had the best chicken, Popeyes won for best sandwich, and Wendy’s took home the overall best chicken sandwich meal. 

But there was so much left unsaid, untasted. Readers clamored for more, especially regarding the spicy versions.

Once more into the breach and thus we had Episode 2 just a month later. McDonald’s entered the fray with a new entry, we tried the spicys, and I tested whether the higher-end Shake Shake was worth the extra dough. In the end, KFC was the Rocky Balboa comeback story we all needed but otherwise, not much changed. Sequels never move the plot along as quickly as you’d like.

But now it has been six months. So much has changed. I have driven thousands of miles to bring you the final installment to our chicken sandwich odyssey. Here’s who we’ve added:

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