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The Dispatch Monthly Mailbag for January
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The Dispatch Monthly Mailbag for January

Haley Byrd Wilt is up for the Monthly Mailbag.

Dear Dispatch Members,

After a holiday break, the Dispatch Monthly Mailbag is back and Haley Byrd Wilt is in the hot seat. 

Back in November, Charlotte Lawson told us about her time at the University of Virginia, classic rock, and what life is like currently living in Turkey. You can read that here.

Now, Haley is ready to answer your questions. 

Haley is an associate editor with The Dispatch. Before that, she reported on Congress for CNN, The Weekly Standard, and the Independent Journalism Review. She has covered the House of Representatives, trade policy, human rights, foreign policy, and more since coming to Washington, D.C., at the start of 2017. She’s very, very slowly making her way through college online. She and her husband have a toddler named Lewis, who is the sweetest boy on the planet.

Haley’s suggested topics: 

  • The new Congress
  • China policy
  • What being CNN’s House producer was like
  • Science fiction books
  • Why she thinks Lazarus was the ”beloved disciple” in the gospel of John
  • Working at The Dispatch

Drop your questions for Haley in the comments below, and keep an eye out for an email with all of her answers in the coming weeks!