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The Dispatch Monthly Mailbag with Mary Trimble
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The Dispatch Monthly Mailbag with Mary Trimble

It’s one of our Morning Dispatch reporters’ turn to answer your questions.

(Photo via Mary Trimble)

Update: This Monthly Mailbag has closed; Mary answered readers’ questions here.

Dear Dispatch readers,

Thank you to everyone who participated in January’s Monthly Mailbag with associate editor, Luis Parrales. To read about his upbringing in Mexico City and Virginia, his time studying the Great Books, his track and cross country career, and Dispatch karaoke, be sure to click here.

This month, Morning Dispatch reporter Mary Trimble has raised her hand to take on all of your questions.

Mary interned for The Dispatch in the summer of 2022, and joined the TMD team in early 2023—first on a part-time basis, then full-time once she graduated from college. At The Dispatch, she works with Grayson Logue and James Scimecca to put together our daily morning newsletter.

As you’re thinking about questions you have for Mary, here are some suggested topics:

  • Growing up overseas (and why Brussels is an underrated city);
  • Whether “Stomp and Holler” and “New Americana”—how Spotify describes her taste—are actual music genres;
  • The best concerts she’s ever attended;
  • Her time at the Alma Mater of the Nation—the College of William & Mary—and studying abroad in Paris;
  • Why knitting and crocheting are not just hobbies for grandmothers;
  • What it’s like putting TMD together every day;
  • Her favorite classic movies (and movies in general); and
  • Tips and tricks for winning your fantasy football league your first time playing.

Drop your questions for Mary in the comments section on this post, and keep an eye out for an email with all of her answers in the coming weeks!