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Was Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding?
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Was Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding?


With Ghislaine Maxwell’s trial currently underway,  and a number of famous politicians and celebrities named as having been part of her former employer Jeffrey Epstein’s circle, social media has seen an uptick of pictures of Epstein and Maxwell with famous individuals. Some of these pictures are fake—like a supposed picture of President Joe Biden and Epstein that was covered in this fact check—creating some uncertainty over which images are legitimate. In this environment, a picture of Maxwell staring down the aisle at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding went viral on Facebook.

This picture is authentic. Maxwell attended Clinton’s 2010 wedding, where she was captured in a photograph of Bill Clinton walking Chelsea Clinton down the aisle. The picture is available on Getty Images and has been used in a number of news articles about the ties between Epstein and the Clinton family.

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Alec Dent is a former culture editor and staff writer for The Dispatch.