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We Love Our Dispatch Members. Join Now and Find Out Why.
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We Love Our Dispatch Members. Join Now and Find Out Why.

Dear prospective Dispatch members, As part of our effort to broaden our membership at The ...

Dear prospective Dispatch members,

As part of our effort to broaden our membership at The Dispatch, the suits asked me to reflect a bit on my time here. 

It’s been a really interesting year for me. Sure there’s been a worldwide pandemic and murder hornets, but way before all that I started talking to Steve Hayes about joining this team of Dispatch misfits. And I had just found out I was pregnant, too. 

I remember wondering, what will my life look like a year from now?

And now it’s September 2020. (How is it September already?! 2020 has been both interminable and flown by at the same time!) My son, whom Dispatch members know as the Brisket, is living his best life these days. And coming to The Dispatch has exceeded every expectation. 

We just taped another episode of our nerd podcast, Advisory Opinions, yesterday. David and I have the best time all week thinking about what legal topics we want to cover and whether a deep dive discussion on fungus really is a bridge too far in terms of nerd content. For Tuesday’s episode, David noted that I was “very disgruntled” at the start, but how can I stay mad when we get to spend an hour talking about election law, voter fraud, and Christopher Nolan movies?

And after the podcast, I got back on my computer to read all the comments on my campaign newsletter, The Sweep, sent to readers just a few hours earlier. I don’t know how else to say this, but I LOVE our members. I read every comment and email. There’s a 15-year-old high school student who always has the most insightful questions. She and I now email regularly, and her very existence fills me with hope about the future of our fragile republic. 

If you’re getting this note, it’s because you’re someone to whom we affectionately refer as a freelister. I hope you’ve signed up for The Sweep (plug!) and I hope you enjoy the podcasts (plug! plug!). But if you’re not a member, I hope you’ll try this free month that we’re offering. Jump into the comments and I think you’ll love what you find—a community of well-intentioned citizens that rarely agree on anything grappling in good faith with the pressing issues of our day. And occasionally some dad jokes. 

I always learn things from the comments, because only members are allowed to join the discussions. There are no drive-by trolls writing a snarky comment, starting a fight, and disappearing. I’m looking forward to this free trial month because I’m excited to expand our conversations, to welcome new voices to our community, and to see what’s on your mind. And, when I can, answer some questions along the way.

Try out the month. Head on over to the comments section for The Sweep. Come be part of our Dispatch experience. 


Sarah Isgur is a senior editor at The Dispatch and is based in northern Virginia. Prior to joining the company in 2019, she had worked in every branch of the federal government and on three presidential campaigns. When Sarah is not hosting podcasts or writing newsletters, she’s probably sending uplifting stories about spiders to Jonah, who only pretends to love all animals.