Why I’m Here

Dear Friend:

I’m going to tell you why I joined The Dispatch. It directly relates to my father and the example he set.

If I had to sum up my dad in one sentence, it would be this: He walks his talk. At no point in my life do I remember a complaint from him that wasn’t accompanied by action. Values aren’t values if they’re only spoken (thus, the culture of Twitter is alien to him). Values are values only if they’re lived. 

I’ve tried my best to apply that same code to my own life. Am I concerned about the decline of civil liberties? Then I should use my limited gifts and talents to litigate for their preservation. Do I want to preserve unborn life? Then I should raise money for pro-life causes and defend pro-life activists. Do I believe the Iraq War was honorable and just? Then I should put on a uniform and do my part.

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