Alec Dent

Alec Dent is the culture editor and a staff writer for The Dispatch. He is a graduate of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at UNC Chapel Hill, and previously oversaw The Dispatch's fact checking team.

Alec Dent

‘Die Hard’ is a Holiday Movie …

... And that holiday is Halloween.

Fact Check: Did George H.W. Bush Take Documents to a Bowling Alley?

The facility was temporary, well-guarded, and overseen by the National Archives.

Fact Checking Claims That the U.S. Government Paid for Starlink Systems for Ukraine

The government has paid for some, but not all, of the terminals delivered.

Fact Check: Did Herschel Walker Drop Out of His Debate With Raphael Warnock?

A planned debate is still on the schedule.

Fact Check: Did Biden Tell Americans to Prepare for Hurricane Ian by Getting Vaccinated?

An old statement is being recirculated.

Fact Check: Has Xi Jinping Been Arrested?

Online rumors are false.

Fact Checking a Denzel Washington Quote

The actor said something nearly identical to a quote attributed to him in a viral meme.