Andrew Egger

Andrew Egger is an associate editor for The Dispatch. He previously covered the White House and campaign politics for The Weekly Standard.

Andrew Egger

David Perdue’s Campaign Hustle

A Trump endorsement and a mad-dash across Georgia haven’t kept the Republican afloat in the race for governor.

Republicans Take Aim at ESG Investing

Fund managers are using their leverage to pressure oil companies to go green. But some lawmakers say it’s hurting the economy.

Are Steve Bannon and MTG On the Outs?

An odd rift in the MAGA media space.

The Sweep: To Agenda or Not? That Is the Question for the GOP.

Mitch McConnell has pushed back against Rick Scott’s proposed Senate campaign agenda. Meanwhile the House is touting its ‘Commitment to America’ plan.

Will Madison Cawthorn’s Scandals Hurt His Primary Chances?

It’s amazing how far the natural strength of incumbency and the primary-proofing of strong MAGA credentials will get you in today’s Republican Party.

Defining ‘Retaliation’ Down

Public-private handshakes like the one Disney enjoys in Florida are political by nature.

David Perdue Banks on a Trump Bump in Georgia

The Republican challenger is hitching his hopes of beating Gov. Brian Kemp to the former president and his ‘stolen election’ farce.