Andy Smarick

Andy Smarick is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute.

Andy Smarick

Reforming Higher Ed Goes Beyond Free Speech and Loan Forgiveness

Innovation is in order, and leaders like Ben Sasse are well-poised to carry that out.

Headlines Don’t Tell the Whole Story on Education Reform

It might seem like schools have been caught up in the culture wars, but an analysis of 2022 campaigns and election results shows that we can expect slow and steady reforms.

An Important Victory for School Choice

The Supreme Court rules that Maine cannot exclude faith-based schools from its school-choice program.

In Defense of Norms and Institutions

When we act like we are living through an apocalypse, we risk denigrating the very institutions that can guide us through crises.

What to Expect If You’re Expecting SCOTUS to Overturn Roe v. Wade

‘Should it be overturned?’ is not the key question.

A Time to Serve

There is an enormous difference between discussing a serious problem and solving it. We need more problem solvers.

What the Narrative on School Reopenings Has Missed

Despite the attention that teachers unions have generated, surveys show that parents have been reluctant to rush back to in-person instruction.

Our Institutions Were Tested. They Persevered.

And for the most part, the leaders of those institutions made the right decisions when it mattered the most.

Amy Coney Barrett and the Virtue of Self-Government

Originalism's value isn't just in its dedication to old texts, but in how it honors the democratic will of the people.

The Biden Agenda: What Will K-12 Education Look Like?

Expect a further expansion of executive branch authority.