David J. Kramer

David J. Kramer
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Don’t Let Lukashenko Off the Hook

He’s been Putin's accomplice and enabler, even if he’s now (mildly) criticizing the invasion of Ukraine.

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Vladimir Kara-Murza, Imprisoned but Undaunted

The Russian pro-democracy leader was sentenced to 15 days in prison after criticizing Putin in a CNN interview on Monday.

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No, Putin Has Not Backed Himself Into a Corner on Ukraine

He has persuaded the majority of Russians that the West is the source of the tension.

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It’s About More Than Ukraine

Putin’s main objective is destroying NATO.

Biden’s Meeting With Tsikhanouskaya Boosts Belarusian Democracy

It will take more, however, to support the cause of freedom in Belarus.

The Biden-Putin Summit Has Opened the Floodgates

A proposal from Germany and France for an EU-Russia meeting threatens to divide the EU.

How the West Must Handle Lukashenko’s Threat to the International Order

Designating the Belarusian dictator as a terrorist would be one step. But leaders must also pressure Vladimir Putin.