Eric Edelman

Eric Edelman

Understanding That Weakness Is Provocative Is Deterrence 101

Biden has canceled yet another test of our ICBM system so as not to cause more tension with China.

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What Erdoğan Has Wrought?

Seeking concessions to support Finland and Sweden joining NATO has done damage to Turkey’s standing in Europe and its long-term security interests.

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The Strongman Cometh

Why Erdoğan suddenly has a problem with Finland and Sweden joining NATO.

Nuclear Weapons and Arms Control: Old Myths and New Realities

While we have been on a ‘modernization holiday’ our geopolitical foes have been building and deploying new nuclear forces.

The Pros and Cons of ‘Deterrence by Disclosure’

Analyzing the Biden administration’s policy of making information about Russia’s movements and intentions public.

Could Saudi Arabia Help Save Biden’s Flailing Presidency?

Getting the kingdom to join the Abraham Accords could be a big win for everyone involved.

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It’s About More Than Ukraine

Putin’s main objective is destroying NATO.

Turkey is Collateral Damage in Erdoğan’s Hostage Diplomacy

His erratic policies scare away tourists and foreign capital.

The Biden Administration and the Paradox of the Weak

The Afghanistan debacle exposes a deficiency that will only embolden our adversaries.

Why Greece Can Be a Powerful Ally

Its popular, pragmatic prime minister offers welcome political stability and ideals that align with promoting democracy.