Esther Eaton

Esther Eaton is the deputy editor for The Morning Dispatch. She joined The Dispatch in March 2022, after covering politics and education policy for WORLD Magazine. Follow her at @estherjay10

Esther Eaton

It’s Runoff Time

Georgia voters return to the ballot box to pick the 118th Congress’s 100th senator.

Will Student Loan Forgiveness Survive SCOTUS?

The Supreme Court will consider whether the program is constitutional early next year.

The Ethics of Assisted Dying

Canada’s push to expand access to euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide renews debates over the limits of the “right to die.”

Lockdown Protests Spread Across China

The latest round of protests were sparked by an apartment fire where rescue efforts were reportedly delayed by anti-COVID measures.

A Lot to Be Grateful For

Plus: Your Dispatchers share some of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Special Counsel Taking Over Trump Investigations

Plus: Qatar's troubling road to the World Cup.

What’s Behind the RSV Surge

Children's hospitals are warning the spike in cases have stretched them to the breaking point.

Here Come the GOP Investigations

The new narrow House majority has big plans to put the squeeze on President Biden.

Scott Challenges McConnell

The Florida Republican’s bid to replace the longest-serving GOP leader is unlikely to succeed.