Tripp Grebe

Tripp Grebe

How Criminal Referral Works

What it means that Sen. Rand Paul asked the Justice Department to open an investigation into Anthony Fauci.

How the NSA Ends Up With Information on Americans Without Targeting Them

Other agencies can secure a warrant and ask the NSA for assistance, or the agency can intercept communications with foreigners being monitored.

What to Watch While You’re Waiting for Fireworks

The Dispatch staff shares some of their favorite July 4 classics.

How Conservatorships Work

The legal arrangement giving Britney Spears’ father control over her life and finances is more commonly used as a tool to protect the elderly or extremely ill.

Are Rising Crime Rates a Blip or a Longer-Term Concern?

Experts cite the pandemic as one reason for a surge since 2020, but trends are more complicated.

Why the Games Will Likely Go On

Public sentiment in Japan has turned against hosting the Olympics, but the IOC and the government vow to move forward.