Weifeng Zhong

Weifeng Zhong

Xi Jinping Strengthens His Grip Over Chinese Media

What it means for the United States and the West.

China’s Telecom Giants Are a Threat to Our Security

China has used open-source intelligence to gain a significant information edge over Western countries.

The U.S. Intelligence Model Is Dangerously Behind the Times

Our secrecy-based tradition ignores that technology has made it so that invaluable intelligence can be uncovered relatively quickly through public information.

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How Our Culture Wars Make Us More Vulnerable to Chinese Influence

Exposing the truth about China is difficult when U.S. interests are so adept at self-censorship.

Hong Kong Isn’t an Endgame for China. It’s a Starting Point.

If its strategy works there, the CCP could decide it will work elsewhere in the Western world.