Weifeng Zhong

Weifeng Zhong

Xi Jinping Strengthens His Grip Over Chinese Media

What it means for the United States and the West.

China’s Telecom Giants Are a Threat to Our Security

China has used open-source intelligence to gain a significant information edge over Western countries.

The U.S. Intelligence Model Is Dangerously Behind the Times

Our secrecy-based tradition ignores that technology has made it so that invaluable intelligence can be uncovered relatively quickly through public information.

How Our Culture Wars Make Us More Vulnerable to Chinese Influence

Exposing the truth about China is difficult when U.S. interests are so adept at self-censorship.

Hong Kong Isn’t an Endgame for China. It’s a Starting Point.

If its strategy works there, the CCP could decide it will work elsewhere in the Western world.