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How Long Has Donald Trump Been Calling on Biden to Name His Supreme Court List?

A good while longer than Biden claimed this weekend.

No, Minneapolis Has Not ‘Defunded the Police’

A tweet and headline from the New York Post oversimplify the actions that the Minneapolis City Council has taken.

Did Hillary Clinton Give Andy McCabe’s Wife $700,000 for a Campaign?

No. There are a number of false statements in a tweet by President Trump.

Will Kids in Los Angeles Be Allowed to Trick-or-Treat?

Yes. Claims that say otherwise are outdated.

Does a Video Show President Trump Wandering Around Disoriented?

The video has been edited to leave out important context.

Did More People Watch the RNC Than the DNC?

Because online streaming numbers are not tracked by an objective source, it's impossible to know.

What This Viral Post Gets Wrong About the Kenosha Shootings

It claims a protester tried to ‘take on a man protecting his business with an AR rifle.’

What Was Hunter Biden Up To on a 2013 Trip to China?

Claims by Pam Bondi that he met with ‘Chinese bank partners’ are partially true.