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What Our Members Say:

“Quality writing from a center-right perspective and a home where the politically homeless, like me, can congregate.”

Chris B.

“The Dispatch came along when I was desperate for reasoned analysis mixed in with fun. Thank all of you for restoring my faith that there are still voices out there with which I can connect.”

Shelley H.

“You have made a perfect publication. As an early days subscriber, I must thank you for exceeding my expectations. ... This is my go-to every day and I know I can trust you.”

Kate S.

“Every time I need compelling and interesting political analysis, I turn to The Dispatch. It’s absolutely phenomenal and never disappoints.”

Phil E.

“I love The Dispatch. I love the people at The Dispatch. I’ve said it elsewhere but I’ll say it again: The Dispatch is on my list of priorities, just above lunch.”

John W.

“I appreciate how little partisanship plays a role in how events are judged by The Dispatch.”

Joe P.

“The Dispatch is a model of responsible journalism, in contrast to the hysteria-mongering news outlets on both the left and right.”

Deborah D.

“The Dispatch keeps getting more valuable. $10 really is a bargain compared to most Substack newsletters.”

Todd T.

“The more people read The Dispatch the better things will be.”

Constance K.

“I was a paying member of The Dispatch from when it was first offered and I have never been sorry for spending the money.”

Ellen E.

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