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The Truth About a Viral Ted Cruz Quote About Christian Voters

It's real, but it refers to the 2012 election, not 2016.

Did the Postmaster General Order Postal Workers to Slow Down the Mail?

USPS is working through new policies that have resulted in slower delivery times, but the delays are not intentional.

Did Regis Philbin Leave $20 Million to the Trump Campaign?

Is the HPV Vaccine Gardasil Dangerous?

A viral Facebook post making such claims misrepresents some statistics and makes up others.

Is the NFL Donating $250 Million to Black Lives Matter?

The total is an accurate accounting of the NFL's pledge to 'social justice efforts,' but the money will not be going to just one group.

Did Black Lives Matter Protesters Deface a Vietnam War Memorial?

A viral social media post claiming so is using a photo from 2016.