Does a Video Show President Trump Wandering Around Disoriented?

A viral video of President Donald Trump claims to show Trump wandering around aimlessly, unsure of where he is going. The video originated on Twitter—where the original user who shared it has since deleted it—but has now made its way to other social media platforms such as Instagram

The video shows Trump, after talking to reporters outside of the White House, walk off, away from the waiting Marine One toward a puddle. The accompanying caption explains that he did so because he “is lost & disoriented,” and blames his actions on “degenerative neurological disease- Frontotemporal dementia.” However, the full video on C-SPAN shows that the clip is taken out of context: After walking away from reporters at the 11 minute 47 second mark, Trump walks over to meet first lady Melania Trump. They then walk over to Marine One together.

It’s clear from viewing the clip within the broader context of what occurred that Trump was not aimlessly meandering, but instead was waiting for his wife before boarding the nearby helicopter. 

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