From ‘Maximum Pressure’ to ‘Minimal Resistance’

The Biden administration has barely responded to Iran’s escalation of its nuclear program.

Don’t Subsidize Local News

The consolidation and nationalization of news is a real problem, but government spending is not the answer.

We Are Less Educated Than We Think

More people than ever have a bachelor’s degree. But the content, rigor, and quality of college education has changed dramatically.

Biden’s Employer Vaccine Mandate Outlives Its Usefulness Before It Even Begins

In the months that have passed since he announced it, the trajectory of the pandemic has gotten better.

How the U.S. Drone Warfare Program Evolved Over Two Decades

As this technology further develops, leadership gains access to increasingly precise weapons of war.

Climate Change Is a Problem. Big Summits Are Not the Answer.

Decarbonization is key. It will be achieved through practical efforts by individual nations, not sweeping international pledges.

No, The $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill Does Not Cost $0

The president is passing off his proposed expansion of government as costless, and a lot of smart people are going along with it.

The Paradox of Pandemic School Reform

Parents are mad about curriculum and pandemic mandates but love their schools. And while they are exhausted by reform, they’ve learned they want more choices.

How We Kept Poverty Down in 2020

Good public policy staved off hardship for many, but at a cost.

Cleaning Out the War Powers Closet

Congress reassesses which Authorizations for the Use of Military Force are past their sell-by date.

Our Best Stuff From a Week We Went Big on Policy

The Afghanistan withdrawal, our intelligence bureaucracy, and a really (really) big ‘human infrastructure’ package.

Explaining Infrastructure: How a Bill Becomes a Road

How does Congress dole out highway funds, and will the bipartisan infrastructure plan change that if it passes?

Welcome to the New Cold War

The ideology of the Putin regime is hardly less toxic and is perhaps more incendiary than communist totalitarianism.

Wildfire Season Is Upon Us. It’s Going to Be Bad.

Heat waves and drought are exacerbated by years of mismanaging our forests.

Does the Infrastructure Compromise Signal a Return to Moderation?

Given a 50-50 Senate, moderates are the most powerful bloc in government.