Video: Dispatch Live on Ukraine and State of the Union

Watch the video of our weekly live-streamed conversation.

‘Unafraid to Lose’

Anti-Trump conservatives consider their path forward despite bleak electoral prospects.

Ukrainians Hold a Mirror to America’s Egotistical Anxieties

They have already given us a great gift in their display of calm courage.

Mike Lindell’s CPAC Sideshow

The conference takes Lindell's sponsorship money but pushes his election conspiracy theories off the main stage.

Stirewaltisms: What Will Voters Make of the Ukraine Invasion?

Voters very much care about consequences of international affairs, even if they shrug at the underlying cause.

Stirewaltisms: It’s Time for an Age Limit for Federal Office

Plus: McConnell digs in, Hispanic women for Trump, and remembering P.J. O’Rourke.

How Tribalism Keeps People From Conceding Reality

It’s a both-sides problems, and we’re worse off for it.

Making Sense of the Latest Clinton-Trump-Russia Court Filing

Special Counsel John Durham raises a new question and prompts plenty of bluster.

In Wisconsin, ‘Stop the Steal’ Still Roiling GOP Politics

'This disconnect between the state Republican leadership and the elected Republican officials could not be greater.'

The Mike Lindell Roadshow Comes to New Hampshire

The My Pillow CEO is still pushing debunked claims of election fraud.

Our Critics Were Wrong

Our Critics Were Wrong

After spending 21 years in the full-time practice of law, I’m often asked the difference ...

Democrats Waffle on Mask Messaging

As Democratic governors ease mask mandates, liberal lawmakers struggle to recalibrate their pandemic messaging.

The RNC Really Stepped In It by Censuring Cheney and Kinzinger

The resolution is not only poorly written, it’s based on a lie.

‘Without Moderates, This Place Will Be Almost Unworkable’

Centrists in the House of Representatives continue their yearslong vanishing act.

McDaniel, RNC Harm Republican Chances

They’re supposed to get more Republicans elected. Censuring Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger does nothing to advance that goal.

Christians, Too, Must Oppose ‘Great Replacement Theory’

We need more neighborly love and less hostility.