Nemesis Is a Comedian

And all addictions lead to degradation.

Steve, Sarah, Jonah, and David on Dispatch Live

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Post-Roe Reality Sets In

How abortion will affect the presidential primaries.

Our Best Stuff from the Week We Hit the Debt Ceiling

Plus, more on George Santos and the last word (we hope) on gas stoves.

George Santos Was Inevitable

On the moral power of leadership, for good and ill.

Never Haley?

I won’t vote for her. Will I?

Stirewaltisms: In Favor of Quitting Loud

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is stepping down.

One, Maybe Two, Cheers for Partisanship

Democracy doesn’t work at scale unless you add a competitive element.

Will George Santos Face Any Consequences?

It may be up to voters in 2024 to mete out punishment to the New York Republican: A Dispatch Explainer.

The Dog Died

Curious George and the limits of populist grift.

Understanding the Debt Ceiling Debate

Lawmakers gear up for yet another fight over raising the debt limit.

The GOP’s Spending Fight Is More About Fighting Than Spending

These new deficit hawks aren’t opposed to racking up debt, they just want to be the ones doing it.

Video: Dispatch Live for January 17

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Crab Mentality

Pulling Ron DeSantis back down into the bucket.

The Sweep: Where Have All the Candidates Gone?

Donald Trump is still the only announced candidate for 2024.

DOJ Appoints Another Special Counsel

Former prosecutor Robert Hur will head the investigation into Biden’s classified documents case.