The Morning Dispatch: Down Goes Cheney

Plus: Alaska voters head to the polls, but the full results won't be known for weeks.

Choosing to Lose

The last days of the Liz Cheney campaign.

The Paradox of Trump’s Charisma

When he is at his most indefensible, that is precisely when the irrationality of his defenders becomes most intense.

Wyoming Voters Deal Lopsided Loss to Cheney

Harriet Hageman wins the state’s lone House seat following Donald Trump’s full-court press against Liz Cheney.

The McCarthy-Cheney Split Comes to a Head in Tuesday’s Primary

As Liz Cheney has focused on the January 6 investigations, Kevin McCarthy has boosted her election-denying opponent.

Abortion May Tip Opinion Polls, But it’s Not Sinking Brian Kemp’s Lead

Georgia’s Republican governor maintains a steady advantage over Stacey Abrams.

The Perils of Giving Up on Persuasion

Our political parties have emphasized mobilization instead, and a cascade of problems have followed.

Apply the Hillary Clinton Rule to Donald Trump

There cannot be one legal standard for Republicans and another for Democrats.

Stuck on Stupid

Villainous speech, immigrant busloads, and torquing the news to fit a script.

A Tale of Two GOP Responses to the Trump Search

McCarthy, McConnell strike different tones on the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago probe.

Is the Republican Party Becoming the Sinn Féin of America?

An extremist movement is taking over the GOP at the same time that the threat of right-wing political violence is growing.

Cheney’s Choice

She has opted to do her job, rather than just have her job. That matters.

Yearning for a Banana Republic

Emboldened by fever dreams of persecution, Republicans want nothing more than to anoint a strong man to punish their enemies.

The Morning Dispatch: Will Biden’s Big Win Matter in the Midterms?

'History suggests that when a party passes a big piece of legislation, they generally don’t get rewarded for it.'

In-Cycle Democrats Walk a Tightrope on Biden’s Unfavorability

With midterm elections looming, Democrats face more questions about their support for the president in 2024.

Did the GOP Peak Too Soon?

In just the last few weeks, the Biden administration has enjoyed political and legislative victories that are quieting talk of a ‘red tsunami’ in the midterms.