Boiling Frogs

Every weekday evening, Nick Catoggio, formerly Allahpundit, offers a running commentary on how populism is changing the world—and America’s two major political parties.

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This Is What Democracy Looks Like?


‘Is This a Game Show?’

Fun and prizes with the anti-McCarthy bloc.

Comedy and Tragedy

The mixed emotions of Kevin McCarthy’s humiliation.

Trump the Moderate

What if the 'craziest SOB in the race' isn’t anymore?

Doomscrolling, Interrupted

A rough year for pessimists.

Apres Trump, Le Deluge

As Trump fades, populist infighting accelerates.

The Talented Mr. Santos

How much lying is too much?

The Strange Idiocy of China’s COVID Response

Beijing surrenders to the virus.

Fashion Statement

Ukraine’s drab-clad leader makes honor au courant.

Party Crasher

Zelensky puts the new House Republican majority on the spot.

The Vaudeville Circuit

Kari Lake’s second act.

Maximum Chaos

Should Democrats rescue McCarthy?

Off With Their Heads

Mad King Elon purges a few libs.

Death of a Salesman

Is Trump 2024 just another grift?

Crank Yanker

Ron DeSantis, the great anti-vax—and Never Trump—hope.

Return of the King

Elon Musk and the dream of populist autocracy.