Coronavirus: Common Cold or Bioweapon?

Dear Reader (Especially the ever-vindicated Orb-touchers)

As a Fox News contributor, I can report from experience that harshly criticizing folks at the network is frowned upon. I am unaware of any policy about criticizing regular guests. But I suppose I’m about to find out. 

So I ask my friends at Fox: Please stop putting Jerry Falwell Jr. on TV. I spent most of my professional life defending the Christian right against what I believed—and largely still believe—to be unfair attacks (and I think David French’s work of sifting the wheat from chaff on such matters is one of The Dispatch’s most important contributions to the national conversation). 

But Falwell makes it so much more difficult. He’s a national embarrassment for both “Christians” and the “right”—never mind the Christian right. 

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