Walk, Then Run

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The Build Back better debate was almost exclusively about how much to spend, not actual policy. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images.)

Dear Reader (Including Louie Gohmert, who, well, I can’t even),

So, in part to atone for the utter lack of punditry in Wednesday’s … special G-File, I’m going to get to the politics stuff. But I want to start at some altitude, so, as the cat hanging from the rope says, hang in there.

In the middle of the movie Traffic, there’s an odd little riff, not even a monologue. Benicio Del Toro, a conscience-stricken Mexican police officer, meets with some American DEA agents to talk about drugs and corruption in Tijuana. Those details don’t matter, but in the middle of the conversation, in a swimming pool no less, Del Toro asks, “You like baseball?”

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