Stirewalt on Politics

Chris Stirewalt, a political news veteran, uses his decades of experience to provide context (and some humor) when explaining what happened this week in national politics.

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Politics Without Consequences

While Joe Biden is gaining momentum, House Republicans can’t even agree to the rules of their own game.

Minority Rules

Not even a third of Republicans are happy Kevin McCarthy was ousted, yet here we are.

Indulging Some What-Ifs

A primer on filing deadlines, primary season, and what happens if a nominee is incapacitated.

It’s the Hope That Kills You

Republicans are setting themselves up for a crisis of overconfidence.

Trump Goes Looking for the Union Label

The former president has planned a different kind of counterprogramming for the GOP debate.

The General Election Mirage

Voters have not yet forced themselves to consider the choice that seems likely to await them next year.

Mike Pence Plants His Flag at the ‘Unbridgeable Divide’

His fight for the survival of the GOP.

McConnell at the Crossroads

There’s never a good time to have a leadership change, but some times are worse than others.

The Return of COVID Anxiety Poses Problems for Democrats

No one—except for a few hardliners—wants to hear about lockdowns and mask mandates.

Can Trump Afford a Debate No-Show?

There are downsides to skipping, and downsides to showing up.

A Deeper Dive on Demographics? Oh Yeah, Youbetcha.

Parties ignore long-term trends about ancestry at their peril.

Presenting Your 2024 Senate Race Ratings

Thinking about the Senate affects the plans of party tastemakers when choosing a presidential nominee.

The Verdict of the Persuadables

DeSantis, Trump, and Biden rack up big debts with general election voters.

The 18 Days That Will Decide the GOP Nomination

Mark your calendars for February 2024.

Could It Be? A Policy Debate in the GOP?

The party would benefit from coming to a consensus on abortion.

The Biggest Loser

A Biden-Trump rematch in 2024 would get ugly.