Stirewaltisms: It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humility

Gentle readers, we have reached the point in Washington where the weather goes from inside-the-mouth-of-a-Great-Dane hot to freezer-section-pizza-roll-in-an-air-fryer hot. 

One of the worst things about Congress’ schedule is that the traditional summer break is for the month of August, when the weather actually starts to let up, instead of starting in the last two weeks of July when the heat and humidity here approach levels that would make a New Orleanian wilt. But members want to be home for Fourth of July parades and then want to look busy before taking their break, thereby consigning themselves, their staffs, and the rest of us to wasting time here when it’s, to use the meteorological term, super gross

A better Congress would leave ahead of July 4 and come back after Labor Day, but then who would hold all of the pointless, performative hearings and blabber about doomed initiatives? I’m telling you, America: Quit complaining about Congress being out of session so often. It’s not like they’re doing any good hanging around here and sweating through their shirts. 

For those reasons and for the fact that we had a truly wonderful collection of reader mail this week, we’re going to have fun and lead with the Mailbag. It’s too hot to cook, so I’m ordering takeout from you. 

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