The Sweep: The First Thing We Do, Let’s Be Nice to All the Lawyers

Welcome to the August doldrums. In presidential campaign world, this month can feel like one of those 19th century military encampments as troops amass, polishing their weapons around the campfire at night, feeling the battle will start in just a few weeks. Everyone from the campaign manager to the lowest field staffer knows that this is their last chance to steal a nap, have dinner with a cloth napkin, or take a luxurious 15-minute shower without being forced to turn off the water to answer the phone with soap still in their hair (ahhhh, burning memories … literally!). 

Starting in September, the battalion will be in a dead sprint to charge Election Day Hill and the war will be in full swing.

But there is one exception. This feeling of impending doom/excitement/anticipation lasts a lot longer for the lawyers. Like so many children during their 1950s duck and cover drills, these lawyers prepare for months for a day that is perpetually unlikely to happen: a multi-front recount. Will this year be different? 

We’ll also take a quick look at the primaries from this week and what we learned. There are 85 days left. Let’s dive in!

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