The Sweep: What Happens When Politicians Don’t Do Their Homework

Campaign Quick Hits

Outgoing Bridgewater CEO Eyes GOP Senate Run in Pennsylvania: David McCormick announced Monday that he will step down as CEO of Bridgewater Associates, a move that allows him to press forward with his widely anticipated Republican bid for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. Should McCormick formally announce a bid for retiring GOP Sen. Pat Toomey’s seat, he will face off in the state’s GOP primary against TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz, Trump’s former ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands, and businessman and former Republican nominee for lieutenant governor Jeff Bartos. McCormick is a Gulf War veteran and previously served in the Treasury Department under the George W. Bush administration. 

NFT for $$$: Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters is using new technology to create buzz for his campaign. Masters was pitching “a limited-edition NFT, based on early Zero to One cover art” from his book with Peter Thiel for a $5,800 donation to his campaign. NFT, in the most simple terms, is getting to say that you are the owner of a digital image–in this case, one of 99 owners. While some NFTs are considered an asset that will appreciate in value as time goes on, the Masters campaign isn’t using that argument here: “We think the NFT is cool, but we make no representation about its value or possible future value.” Instead, Masters says that he is trying to attract support from “less conventional political donors and more founders and builders who want to see new thinking and new energy in our politics.” So far, it looks like the fundraising campaign worked. The NFT is already sold out, according to the website. And, yes, they said they would accept bitcoin or ethereum.

Surprising Redistricting Update: 

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