Our Best Stuff on Iowa. And Also Impeachment.

The Senate trial took some twists and turns last week, but still ended up on the path to its expected conclusion when the Democrats failed to muster enough votes to call witnesses. This was probably most frustrating to Sens. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar, who no doubt would have preferred to be in Iowa campaigning for Monday’s caucus. 

They weren’t there, but our own Andrew Egger was. In case you were busy this week, here’s a summary of his article (including a cameo featuring two indoor ducks at a house party) and the best of the rest of our offerings. Please share widely with your friends and encourage them to sign up.

Has Impeachment Doomed Amy Klobuchar?

The event had everything a candidate could have asked for: a nice crowd, a quasi-celebrity endorser, and a specialty dish from her home state. What was missing from the dinner at a supporter’s house near Des Moines on Thursday? Oh, just the candidate. Andrew Egger reports on how Amy Klobuchar is juggling her campaign and her Senate duties with the help of her daughter and staff.

Don’t Believe Anyone Who Says Bernie Sanders Can’t Win

For almost all of the 2020 Democratic campaign, Joe Biden has been the front-runner and the presumed nominee. But Bernie Sanders is surging at just the right time. That has prompted some hand-wringing from some on the left that the Democrats are setting themselves up for a replay of 2016. But David French argues that there is no reason Sanders can’t triumph over Trump: “If Bernie wins the nomination, he would have triumphed over impossible odds and a small army of scoffers. Just like Trump. If Bernie wins, his core base voters will start to believe that their dreams can be a reality, and they’ll stand with him even if he shoots a man on Fifth Avenue.”

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