Jun 14, 2021 • 1HR 1M

DOJ Lawmaker Subpoenas Explained

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In today’s jam-packed episode, David and Sarah discuss the Supreme Court’s invitation to the Biden administration to weigh in on a pending challenge to Harvard’s affirmative action policy. Our hosts also untangle two criminal cases that united the justices unanimously in favor of the government, one on felons possessing firearms and another on sentence reduction. Then, Sarah shares insight from her own time at the Department of Justice into why a New York Times story that the Trump-era Justice Department seized the data of congressional Democrats might be overblown. They also explain why the DoJ appears to be siding with former President Donald Trump in a defamation case brought by E. Jean Carroll. Finally, they discuss why a recent Twitter thread on critical race theory that inspired a “hate tsunami” online should inspire you to go attend your local school board meetings.

Show Notes:

-Greer v. United States

-Terry v. United States

-The New York Times’ June 10 initial subpoena story

-The New York Times’ June 13 follow-up story about Don McGahn’s records

-The New York Times’ June 11 follow-up story about DoJ opening an investigation into the subpoenas 

-Explanation of Assistant U.S. attorney 

-David’s Twitter thread

-David’s debate with Christopher Rufo on Bari Weiss’ podcast