Jane Galt and Me Part I


In a world where people run amok on the internet screaming their heads off, Megan McArdle stands (or in this case, sits by a microphone) as a model for the cool and collected. After a pre-game round of dog talk, Megan and Jonah settle in for some candid words on bread, being nice, and feminism — commentary so well-informed, we’re posting Megan twice in one week.

Show Notes:

-The Big Tech Four vs. Congress

-Maxine Waters asks a particularly garbled question to Bank of America

-“The Great Relearning,” by Tom Wolfe

-Megan’s book, not actually titled Permission to Suck.

-Charlie Kirk’s mask terribleness, as featured in Jonah’s Wednesday G-File

-Louie Gohmert blames the mask for his COVID-19

-Megan on why racism kills

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